Offsite backup files, emails & database. Easy, secure, automatic. Backup multiple PCs, laptops & servers. No need to buy backup devices. Basic service is FREE !

Switch to Cloud IT Solution one of the leading offsite file / email backup service providers.

Your business data needs backup! Local in-house backup / USB backup is not reliable and cannot survive disk crashes, virus, accidental deletion, fire, earthquake and hurricane, etc. Backup your data to Cloud IT Solution offsite storage now!

Cloud IT Solution Online Backup is designed to automatically protect your valuable data. It has a lot of high-end backup features
  • Automatic scheduled backup or real-time backup.
  • Fast backup and restore by using incremental backup and data compression.
  • Supports file version history.
  • Supports SSL / HTTPS and data encryption to meet high security requirements.
  • Offsite backup to our state-of-the-art facility, secure & reliable.
  • Group & business backup with multi-PC, multi-user support;
    Backup any number of PCs, no extra charge!
  • Backup servers, network folders & removable disks. Backup your data even if you are not logged on.
  • Optimized for businesses, incl. large enterprises, solution providers, service providers and resellers.
  • Customized website logo (view sample).

Cloud IT Solution Online Backup uses high-end RAID storage systems, redundant server equipments and redundant sets of data to ensure high reliability. Our cost is extremely lower. Don't trust companies offering lower price, you cannot count on them when you need them.

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Feature / price comparison of Cloud IT Solution Remote Backup Solution vs. in-house Backup Solutions. Cloud IT Solution is many times better!
Features & Cost Cloud IT Solution Remote Backup Solution In-house Enterprise Backup Solution In-house "Cheap" Backup Solution
Starting Cost $0-29.9/month, $299/year for VOSI-5 plan, which includes far more features than just Remote Backup Solution. $2000-10000 or more: Need Tape Backup Device, tape media and enterprise backup software. $100-400: Need a USB/firewire external drive.
Backup Management and Maintenance Cost Low: Easy Cloud IT Solution Online Backup software, no IT background required Very High: Requires a system administrator with IT background, in particular, understands backup server, backup device and backup media, also requires physical backup media and storage place. Low: Users need to manually backup files; or must buy backup software.
Estimated Setup Time In a few minutes - just sign up and install Cloud IT Solution Online Backup At least a few days - order the device, setup the system and configure backup. Less than one day - just buy a USB / firewire external drive
Reliability of Backup Solution Very reliable. Cloud IT Solution Remote Backup Solution has top-quality data center facility and multiple levels of data redundancies. Very reliable in itself. However, in case of major disasters such as fire that destroys the facility, onsite backup is useless. Not reliable: USB external drives are not redundant and is crash-prone; moreover, onsite backup is useless in case of major disasters.
Automatic Backup software Yes - included, Cloud IT Solution Online Backup Yes - usually included, at a very high price No
Backup Multiple Computers / Backup Multiple Users Yes - Cloud IT Solution supports group accounts; Cloud IT Solution Online Backup software can be installed on any number of PCs anywhere. Usually no - Usually only backs up the servers; must be in the same local network Yes - Requires plug out and plug in another computer. Usually requires all computers to be at the same location. Single user only.
Incremental Backup Yes Yes No
Scheduled Backup Yes Yes No
Real-time Backup Yes Usually No No
Outlook PST Backup and Backup Files in-use Yes Yes No
Backup Outlook Emails and Address Books and make them available online Yes - using Cloud IT Solution Email Backup No No
Backup file versions Yes Yes No
Access Backup Data Remotely / Restore Files Remotely Yes - using Cloud IT Solution website or client software No No
Backup Speed Relatively slow; but incremental backup, data compression and MagicUpload mitigate the problem. Fast Fast
Maximum Amount of Backup Storage Any size. However the unit price is higher as it has multiple levels of redundancies. Users only need to backup important business / personal files, which doesn't require a lot of space. No need to backup non-important video / software / Operating System / Program files. Huge Large
Backup Data Encryption and Security Yes No No
Backup Laptops / Computers Remotely Yes - Only need Internet connection No - Must be in the same local network, usually even requires to be directly attached No - must be directly attached
Backup Server Computers with nobody logged on Yes Yes No
Automatic Backup Status Notification Yes- Cloud IT Solution Online Backup can send automatic backup status notification emails. Yes No

   Info is checked to be correct as of Jan 1, 2009. Please email for corrections or updates.