Cloud IT Solution Web Hosting
Cloud IT Solution Web Hosting
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Static Web / File Hosting: extremely easy; supports private domain; files can be linked from other websites such as eBay or MySpace, etc.

Designed for static websites only, we don't support complicated dynamic websites using server-side scripts or database. Cloud IT Solution web hosting is extremely easy. Just upload your files to the wwwhome folder, and your files or website becomes immediately available to the public.

Cloud IT Solution Web Hosting Advantages:

Cloud IT Solution Web Hosting service is extremely easy. You can simply upload (copy) website files to the \wwwhome folder, then your files can be accessed at:

  • http://USERNAME.Cloud IT Solution/FILENAME

Users can create website files using any HTML authoring tools, and then use Cloud IT Solution File Explorer or FTP to upload the files to the \wwwhome folder. Private domain hosting is supported if you have a domain name.

Cloud IT Solution has almost unlimited network bandwidth;

Cloud IT Solution uses high-end RAID storage systems, redundant server equipments and redundant sets of data to ensure high-level reliability.

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